Who are BrightSight-People, you ask?

In 2013 we’ve discussed our different experiences with all sorts of software and it’s usability. We agreed on the fact that most software fit their purposes perfectly, but lack end user’s accessibility. Especially customized software suffers accessibility and quick insights, making it low efficiency packages.

The cause of this problem is a simple one. The designers and programmers of the software do not (or hardly) discuss their product with the end users. Instead and at best, they train them. Unfortunately, a lot of the end users’ efficiency gets lost while struggling the illogical and endless structures of the software.

BrightSight-People believe software should be designed the other way around. After the scope of a software project is closed, the layout of software should be discussed and designed in corporation with the largest bulk of end users, making sure their new software fits them like a glove.

Based on these ideas, the independent company BrightSight-People was formed in 2015. PinScript is our first major project, providing an information exchange and registration system for many different users within one or more usergroups. The graphical layout and fast pace through design makes it look too simple to believe. Trust us, it’s not…

"It's all about you."


John Do

Ewald Bal

Chief Strategy Office

Web designer, marketing strategist, programmer, products tester and
innovations specialist.


Jamie Sletering

Chief Financial Office

Financial and economic frontman, webdesigner and software
usability specialist.

Build with LESS

Watterna IV

Chief Technical Office

Database designer, programmer, webdesigner and creative mind behind many innovative features within PinScript.