What is PinScript?

Pinscript is an information sharing app, providing an overview on the current status of your ongoing projects. Wether it’s construction, commisioning or maintenance, PinScript will help you track your progress on any project, online and in realtime.

PinScript projects are accessable 24/7 worldwide. Project are updated in relatime no matter how many users are editing simultaniously. PinScript provides you with the latest info 10 seconds after editing.

PinScript turns controlled copies into projects, assigns teams of contributors, lays out their individual roles and has them report their progress online using tablets, smartphones or laptops. Contributors can edit their projects in the field.

To ensure your privacy, PinScript uses a two factor authentication login system. Apart from userIDs and passwords, unique tokens are sent to your personal email adress to grant access within 1 minute. If PinScript runs within an intranet enviroment, you can disable the 2FA security.

PinScript provides a graphical birdseye view on your projects, using pins to edit and share information with all contributors involved. Apart from editing members, PinScript makes your updates available to anyone, through public webpages, created in realtime.

PinScript runs on Windows and IOS. It requires HTML5 browsers, an online connection and your own email system. All data is stored in the cloud with a garantueed uptime of 99,9%. PinScript reports through PDF en PNG created files, since we are a paperless office.

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